Distracted Man On Phone Gets Hit By Bus

CCTV of a man chatting on his phone getting run over by a bus shows how easily distraction can cause serious accidents.


The man is wandering along a road in the clip shot in the city of Mangalore, Karnataka State, South-western India.


A bus changes lanes into his path just at the moment his phone apparently rings and he looks down to get it out of his pocket.


By the time he glances up again, only a couple of seconds later, he is on a collision course with the bus.


Just as he gets the phone up to his ear to take the call the bus knocks him flying.


He sprawls on to the pavement, where he arguably should have been in the first place, causing a fellow pedestrian to dodge out of his way.


The incident went viral after it was released online, with netizens shocked at how quickly a potentially fatal accident can happen.


But it is not believed the man with the phone or anyone else was seriously injured in the crash and it is not clear whether the police are even investigating the incident.


Accidents caused by mobile phone distraction are a huge problem in Britain too.


The RAC’s Motoring Report Of 2016 found that the number of drivers admitting to using a handheld phone while driving went up from eight percent in 2014 to 31 percent in 2016.