The girlfriend of Manchester United footballer David De Gea showed why the Spain goalkeeper can be excused for not concentrating on his job after she appeared on television in a low-cut dress.


Spanish singer and TV star Edurne is a judge on Spain's Got Talent and she stole the spotlight from the competitors in the recent semi-finals of the hit show.


The former Eurovision Song contestant, 31, stole the headlines in a stunning low-cut red wine dress that she set off with a brilliant gold necklace.


The photos of her appearance sent social media into a frenzy along with her colleagues on TV.


Host Santi Millan kept joking about the choice of clothes and said: "The dress you are wearing is not appropriate."


She answered by standing up from her chair and turning around to display her stunning body, and asked: "Why?"


Fellow jury member, Risto Mejide, known for his harsh comments about contestants, said Edurne had stolen the show before it had even started.


He said: "I do not know why we have come here. Nobody is going to watch us now."


The Spanish beauty, who has been dating the United keeper since 2010, retorted: "I am wearing this because today is hot. That is why."


Edurne then also shared some pictures to her social media account, thanking viewers for their appreciation and for watching the show in huge numbers.


She revealed the red wine velvet dress was by House of London, and the necklace by Luxenter.


De Gea was reminded what he is missing while training in Manchester when she also posted a video of herself moments before the beginning of the show pretending she was parading on a catwalk with her friend Mejide.


De Gea, 26, and the entertainer are said to enjoy a great relationship despite him playing in England while his girlfriend has to spend much of her time working back in Spain.