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A luxury safari lodge has solved the mystery of who has been stealing tasty treats from the fridge after catching a crested porcupine on camera.


Staff at the Borana Lodge, in central Kenya's Borana Wildlife Conservancy, could not work out who was stealing food from unsecured fridges and cupboards.


So they rigged up cameras inside the lodge - and even inside the fridge - and caught the culprit in the act.


To their surprise, the spiky thief was a crested porcupine (Hystrix cristata) which had become surprisingly adept at breaking into fridges and food cupboards.


The video footage shows it entering the lodge through the front door, opening the fridge, pulling leftover food from the shelves and helping itself to the tasty snacks.


The porcupine even knew how to pull out the salad container at the bottom of the fridge and tip it over to spill the contents on the floor to complete its feast.


The video was posted online by lodge manager Hunter Marrian and colleague Andreas Fox with the comment: "Have you ever seen such a sneaky porcupine before?"


The Borana Lodge claims to offer the ultimate safari experience, including wildlife tours on foot, horseback and even mountain biking, to tourists for prices starting at 425 GBP per person per night.


It offers eight cottages with panoramic views over the Samangua Valley and the Lewa Plains, to the Ngare Ndare Forest and Mount Kenya beyond.