A dashcam caught parents showing breathtaking disregard for their child’s safety by transporting him in the boot of their car.


The film sure to horrify all parents was shot in the town of Uglich in western Russia's Yaroslavl Oblast region.


It shows a young mum and dad casually strolling up to the boot of their white Volkswagen Passat with a boy of about three or four.


The dad lifts the tot into the boot and shuts it, then the parents saunter back to their much safer, more comfortable seats in the front and drive off.


The car with the dashcam filming this then follows them.


After the footage was reported to authorities, the family was identified and regional child's ombudsman Mikhail Krupin intervened.


He says the family have a good reputation and that they told him the boy was driven to his nursery school in the car boot as a game.


Mr Krupin said: "Based on his father’s words, the boy does not like going to the nursery so his parents came up with a game where they deliver him there ‘in a tank’."


Mr Krupin said that the incident has been resolved though he would still send it for consideration to a commission dealing with children’s affairs.