Worshipper Attacks Thief In Mosque

This is the shocking moment a worshipper attacks another man during Friday prayers in a mosque after he spotted him stealing the collection box.


The incident was captured on CCTV at the Karahuyuk Buyuk Mosque on the edge of the city of Konya in central Turkey's Konya Province.


Worshipper Serafettin Kaya spotted the man enter the mosque and leapt into action when he realised that he had pocketed the charity money.


Mr Kaya says that he had spotted the thief, whose name has not been revealed, trying to steal charity money from the mosque previously and was wise to his game.


And he says that he was delighted that he had managed to prevent him from getting away with the crime with his "Rocky punch".


The footage of the unusual confrontation is proving popular online after being uploaded to video-sharing websites.


The clip shows Mr Kaya spot the thief and then grab his arm with one hand while slapping him about the head with the other.


The pair then glare at each other until Mr Kaya delivers a lightning quick backhand to the face of his rival.


The confused thief reportedly did not know how to react to the confrontation at first but quickly decided his best course of action was to cut and run.


Konya is Turkey's biggest province and contains the country's largest solar power plant, Konya Kızoren, which aims to meet the power needs of 20,000 homes.


It is unclear if the thief was reported to the police and whether or not they are investigating.