Tyrone Mings' stamp on Zlatan Ibrahimovic has nothing on this teenage girl who jumped on an opponent's head during a game of handball.


The teenager took out her frustrations on a rival by stamping on her head as she lay on the floor.


Kristina Kotolup, 15, received a red card for attacking another girl during the game in the city of Voronezh in western Russia’s Voronezh Obast region.


Alexandra Pustokhina, 16, needed to be helped from the area by medical staff following the vicious attack.


A video shows Kotolup made a mistake while playing for Rostov-on-Don, a team from south-western Russia's Rostov Oblast.


She responds by brutally jumping onto Pustokhina - who plays for a team representing the Russian capital of Moscow - as she lies on the floor.


Kotolup calmly walks to the bench after the attack while being booed by onlookers.


She is likely to be banned from handball for the rest of the season for her actions.


The attack makes the actions of Bournemouth defender Mings look practically harmless.


Mings received a five-match ban for his stamp on Manchester United star Ibrahimovic.


A video of the shocking Kotolup’s shocking behaviour has outraged netizens who want to see her "banned from sport" for life.


One netizen called ‘Olga’ added: "What is going on with girls these days?


"They are the ones to be scared of, not guys. What kind of mothers would they become?! Scary!"