A teenage girl allegedly dressed up as a nurse to snatch a newborn baby from a maternity ward.


The 19-year-old is accused of wearing a white coat and holding a clipboard to trick the little girl’s parents.


Silvia Tamara Mendoza Escobar allegedly told the infant’s father that she needed tests - then escaped from the hospital on a motorbike.


Shocked dad Juan Willis, 27, went to look for some documents and realised his baby had been taken from the hospital in the city of Caacupe, in the centre western Paraguayan department of Cordillera.


The hospital confirmed that the nurse had been an imposter and the police were called to the scene.


They arrested Escobar after analysing CCTV which appears to show her taking the baby.


Police spokesman Juan Mendez said: "The footage from the CCTV cameras shows the moment the woman is holding the baby in her arms".


Escobar allegedly got her hands on the baby by claiming the newborn needed to undergo some lab tests.


CCTV footage shows the father carrying his daughter to get blood tests - even though she is actually fit and healthy.


Escobar is then accused of using a motorbike taxi in order to leave the hospital, clinging onto the baby as she rode pillion.


Police claim they found her with the baby at her home in the city of Pirebebuy.


The baby was then returned to the hospital for a series of tests where she was reunited with her shocked mum Johana Taboada Saldivar, 21.


Prosecutor Gustavo Sosa confirmed that the case is now being investigated and that Escobar will be charged with snatching the baby.


The authorities are attempting to determine why she took the baby and whether she had any accomplices.