Teenage girls from rival horse riding companies use their whips to fight over customers in this shocking footage.


The youngsters began use riding crops as weapons as they battled over who got to sell horse rides to park visitors.


This footage shows how the youngsters started scrapping in a park in the city of Pskov in Pskov Oblast, in north-western Russia.


Mobile phone footage shows the argument descending into violence - with the girls using their horse whips on each other.


One of the girls, who is wearing a black sweater, can be seen shouting "get out of here" to workers of a rival equine firm.


And when they ignore her demands, she lashes out at them ferociously with the makeshift weapon.


One girl, who can be seen wearing a blue jacket and a pink hat, can be seen swishing her crop defensively.


Attempts are made to break up the horse riding row and one woman can be heard saying: "Girls, stop it!"


The girl in the pink hat says: "They are not girls, they are rednecks" which enrages her rivals, who attack.


The video shows them lunging with their whips, shouting for the other girls to "shut up".


The companies break off into pairs, duelling in the middle of the path with their crops.


Shocked passersby can be heard responding in horror at the violence in the park, which is popular with locals and tourists.


The scrap is eventually broken up and the combatants can be seen leaving the scene and returning to their business of selling horse rides.


Fights like this are increasingly a problem in the park where horse riding businesses clash with each other over customers, according to reports.


Horse rides have been banned in the park but police turn a blind eye to the young women offering their services.


Viewers were left shocked after a video of the horse whip battle was posted online.


Netizen 'Dvornyazhka' said: "They are so miserable, I could not imagine letting one of them walk with a horse while my kid had a ride.


"Also I bet they are mean to the horses as well."