A large-breasted model who calls herself the 'Queen of Oversized Tatas' has become a viral star for the saucy selfies she posts on social media.


Ukrainian stunner Irina Ivanova, who moved to the US when she was just 15 years old, has brains as well as looks.


She holds a Masters degree in Marketing and is a licenced translator of Russian into English and vice versa.


The beautiful brunette is also an accomplished pianist, having played since her school days in Ukraine.


But she is currently making an impression in a completely different industry - glamour modelling - and she has already achieved the accolade of being selected as a Playboy Playmate.


The curvaceous model is clearly crazy about her own boobs and does not waste any opportunity to show them off.


Many of her selfies go viral on social media and one of the most popular photos shows her wearing a tiny top that barely begins to cover her breasts.


Netizen ‘lordtootencoff’, commenting on the microscopic garment, said: "How does the shirt stay on, lol!", and ‘toolman62.tm’ added: "This is my favourite fantasy."


Ms Ivanova says she likes people to enjoy her photos and adds that she too likes looking at pictures of other attractive women online.


"There are too many hot girls out there for me to list them all," she added.


Ms Ivanova said that she receives hundreds of messages from admirers every day and that some of them come from famous sportsmen and other celebrities - but she promised she would never reveal their names.