A shocking video shows schoolgirls torturing a trapped boy after luring him to a flat for a "party".


The video was filmed by one of the attackers on her mobile at a flat in central Russia’s Irkutsk Oblast region.


Three girls are believed to have lured the unnamed boy to the flat under the pretext of a party to celebrate International Women's Day.


But instead they locked him in and started to torture him.


The girls wrapped their fists with towels to try to avoid leaving incriminating bruises on the boy’s body, then repeatedly pounded him.


Laughing girls can be seen punching the boy in the face and chest. He is not trying to defend himself, and only asks for a break between a series of punches.


One of the girls kicks the boy in the head.


The beating reportedly lasted several hours and the boy was only allowed to leave after the girls forced him to kiss their shoes.


Reportedly all the girls were drunk and two of the three have had trouble with the law in the past.


Police are checking the video to see whether charges should be brought.


The victim's mother said: "His face was swollen and he could not eat. The next day he told me the video was posted online.


"He was told many times by us not to fight with girls and that is why he tried to solve this with talks, but that did not work out.


"He could not leave as he was locked in from the outside and the girls were getting into the flat through the window."


The foster parents of one of the girls defended her, saying: "She is a good girl."


She blamed her two pals for what had happened. None of the people involved were named in reports.


Netizen 'Chashka chau' said: "I don't know whether the boy was shy or if there is something else wrong with him, but he looks like someone who is able to protect himself judging by his size. This is awful, their parents should have brought up the girls better."