A council has come under fire after they allegedly got strippers to perform at a public official's retirement party.


The city council of Alcala de Henares, in the central Spanish region of Madrid, say they are investigating claims that employees organised the striptease party for the unnamed man, who was retiring.


Footage of the sordid soiree went viral after colleagues uploaded it to social media sites.


In the video, a man, alleged to be a public servant, can be seen sitting in a chair with his shirt open as a scantily clad stripper performs her sexy routine all over him.


The striptease party was organised to celebrate the retirement party of the man who worked for the Alcala de Henares city council.


It is claimed the party took place in the council’s offices with a special striptease done by both a man and a woman.


Council sources were said to be horrified after footage went public and have vowed to get to the bottom of the matter, with an investigation being immediately launched.


Javier Rodriguez Palacios, the city mayor, who belongs to the centre-left PSOE political party said it had not yet been decided if the investigation findings would be made public -  a move that has been slammed by the centre-right wing Popular Party.


Popular Party spokesman Victor Chacon, said: "It is terrible that this party was authorised and made a public space into a kind of bar with a striptease. We are going to ask immediately more information about people involved in the party and if there are councillors there, we will ask for their suspension."


Miguel Angel Lezcano, the spokesman of the centrist political party Ciudadanos, said they want to know how much the party cost and who stumped up for the bill.


Investigations are ongoing.