This footage shows male prisoners forced to wear women's underwear and being kicked as they do chores.


The footage has made its way online and shows the inmates on all floors wearing slinky knickers and bras, and scrubbing floors while other prisoners call them "b*tches" and "babydoll."


Mexican authorities say they are now looking into the scandalous footage which is alleged to have been captured in the 'social reintegration centre' of Apodaca, in the north-eastern Mexican state of Nuevo Leon.


Other prisoners say in the background: "Hurry up, perra (b*tch)", while another tells an inmate to hurry up, calling him "babydoll."


The footage was uploaded online and quickly went viral, being shared thousands of times.


Now authorities have launched a full scale investigation into the clip.


Governor Jaime Rodriguez Calderon said his team had begun looking into the claims immediately after it was published, adding that they were looking to "sanction" the culprits.


According to local reports, the video was shot at the end of February because one of the prisoners in the footage - the one with one leg - only entered the facility in the middle of the month.


The National Commission for Human Rights (CNDH) has alerted the government of Nuevo Leon about other torture cases in the facility since last year, first reporting claims in October 2016.


Allegations over recent months include prisoners accepting cash to provide extra protection, but if they refuse to pay, they were attacked and abused. Other allegations claim that select inmates "control" certain common areas.


Metal weapons, smartphones and drugs are also said to have been confiscated during a recent raid.