Witnesses Of A Crime Shot Dead By Police

Witnesses of a crime were shot dead by police officers who were supposed to be investigating.


A shocking video shows the moment the onlookers were brutally killed by armed police.


The two men were chased by policemen in hoods after witnessing a crime in Rio de Janeiro, in the eastern Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro.


The footage shows Brunei Evaristo da Silva being riddled with bullets as he tries to run down the street.


His friend, Denis Gutemberg Pereira Lima, who jumped out of a moving car to try and escape, was also killed.


Brazilian murder police launched an investigation after the shocking footage was released online.


Vinicius de Oliveira Soares and Irvin Tavares da Silva, from the 39th Battalion of the Military Police, have now been arrested.


But officers are searching for another four men in connection to the savage killing which was caught on a security camera.


Footage shows the victims sat unsuspecting in a stationary car at the entrance to an alley.


Another vehicle then pulls up beside them and the military police officers jump out.


The pair attempt to escape the scene in the small white car, before mounting the kerb as the police give chase.


Denis, who is driving at the time, jumps out of the moving vehicle and begins to run down the street.


He looks behind to see if his friend is following him and realises Brunei has left it too late to leave the car.


Brunei can be seen pursued by the men, who are wearing hoods and brandishing guns.


He can be seen struggling to keep his feet as the bullets hit him, before eventually falling to the ground.


The nature of the crime the dead men are believed to have witnessed is currently unclear.