A drunk man who took his car on a joyride through an airport has miraculously escaped being charged for the dangerous drive.


The incredible footage shocked the world when it was released last December to show the man - named as Ruslan Nurtdinov - breaking into an airport in Tatarstan in south-western Russia and driving around, breaking through security checkpoints and into terminals, as guards helplessly chased after him.


The driver, a former police officer who was said to be highly intoxicated and on drugs at the time of the incident, created chaos at the airport, with passengers and workers running for their lives as he ploughed through the terminals in the motor in a joyride which lasted nearly 10 minutes before he was eventually stopped when he drove back outside.


It was previously reported how he was racing to the airport to declare his love for his former girlfriend who was due to take a flight that night.


But so far Nurtdinov has faced no criminal penalties for driving his car through the terminal, with it unclear whether he will.


Instead, judges have only imposed a 27-day jail term for a separate charge of possessing and transporting narcotics, which were discovered in his vehicle when he was eventually stopped.


The court also took away his driving licence in the bizarre hearing.


A Tatarsan police spokesman said: "Unfortunately, the weight [of the drugs recovered] wasn’t enough for other criminal charges."


Previously Nurtdinov was charged with two counts, one of using violence against the authorities, and another of deliberately destroying property but no updates have been made about these and it is not known if it will ever be brought.


State prosecutors will not give any update about their investigation.


Nurtdinov is responsible for causing an estimated 6 million RUB (83,000 GBP) in damages to the airport in the epic chase.


Following the incident a traffic police chief and the senior officer on duty at the time were fired.