Fellow commuters and a railway worker saved the life of a woman who fell from a moving train and was nearly dragged under it.


CCTV from a train platform in the Kalyan district of the western Indian state of Maharashtra shows a woman alighting from a slam-door train while it is still moving.


But the woman’s hand or wrist appears to get caught in the doorway and she is dragged to the platform.


Her head is off the edge of the platform, inches away from the still-moving train.


People on the platform rush over and drag her back up on to the platform, undoubtedly saving her life.


The lucky woman was named as Janabai Lahane, 55, a resident of Nashik, the state’s third largest city.


Her rescuers were fellow travellers and Railway Protection Force worker Dayanand Yadav.


She said: "I was in the last general coach, and my destination was Kalyan. But when the train reached the station, I was a little confused, and by the time I realised it was indeed Kalyan, the train had started moving. While trying to alight, I lost my balance and slipped."


She was taken to the AIMS hospital located in Kalyan to be treated for minor wounds to her shoulders and head, and was discharged later that day.


Chief security commissioner of the Central Railway zone Atul Srivastava said: "She was fortunate. Many people who alight from a moving train are not so lucky. It is a lesson for all passengers."


He added that Railway Protection Force staff member Mr Yadav would be given a cash reward for helping to rescue the passenger, though of an undisclosed amount.