Sexy Women Twerk Over Dead Friends Coffin

Footage of women sexily twerking in wet T-shirts over a coffin have gone viral on social networks in what appears to be a bizarre tribute to their dead friend.


The video, posted online on the Facebook page of university student of Memes Universitarios UDC, in the city of Popayan in Colombia has now logged an incredible 19 million hits.


The video's origin is unknown although it is thought to have been recorded in Central America or the Caribbean.


The video, named "When Brayan dies" shows a brunette woman over a coffin twerking repeatedly while being encouraged by a group of people surrounding the coffin at what appears to be the funeral of Brayan. They can be sleep lifting her skirt up and slapping her bottom.


A woman wearing a blue shirt is seen slapping the bottom of the sensual brunette while shouting and she then proceeds to slap the coffin lid.


Then another woman is seen getting up over the coffin to also twerk over it. Water is poured over the dancing women, causing their clothes to cling sexily to their bodies.


The video went viral on social networks - and caused outrage among viewers.


Many criticised what they perceived as a lack of respect for the dead.


One man, ‘Ricky Urgel’, said; "I cannot believe it, it is the most cynical thing that I have ever seen. It is inhuman, disgusting and it shows a lack of respect".


Netizen ‘Patricia Andrea Cortes Molina’ wrote: "What a pity seeing girls who could be my daughters moving like b… Better not to say what kind of values they have received as they only show the lack of respect by themselves."