This is the moment brave passersby and police officers tackled a man with a pump action shotgun apparently intent on triggering a bloodbath after he was sacked from his job.


CCTV cameras outside the council offices in Caycuma in the Turkish province of Zonguldak, caught the moment 44-year-old Burhan Y. went 'postal.'


He was reportedly drunk when he went to the municipal offices where he demanded a showdown with Mayor Bulent Kantarci.


But Mr Kantarci was away on business in Ankara and so he shot four times from outside at the office of his deputy, Cengiz Gokce, according to reports.


He also smashed in a window with the butt of his weapon. Police said it was a miracle no-one was hurt.


Mayor Kantarci later gave a statement about his sacking, claiming he had been extorting money from co-workers of the council where he was employed as a lorry driver.


The fraud also involved writing fake receipts, according to the mayor.


Burhan Y. was sentenced to a lengthy prison term this week for his gun rage, although the exact sentence was not revealed.


Weapons are easy to acquire in Turkey. Many people register themselves as hunters and it is not uncommon for people to ride around in their cars with several weapons aboard.