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Messi And Suarez Reveal Bathroom Secrets

Barcelona stars Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez have revealed their lethal partnership stretches from the pitch to the bathroom as neither of them like to stand up to relieve themselves.


The duo have formed a lethal attacking force ever since Suarez left Liverpool to move to the Nou Camp in 2014.


And they have now revealed that their link-up play even reaches to the toilet as they both pee sitting down.


Messi and Suarez lifted the lid on their bathroom habits during an appearance on the Uruguayan TV show ‘Por la Camiseta’ (For the Shirt).


The Barcelona stars where quizzed on all manner of topics by the show’s hosts, Rafa Cotelo and Inaki Abbadie, from favourite desserts to films.


And when asked about their toilet habits, Messi - looking at Suarez - replied: "What? Do you pee sitting? Me too."


Suarez laughed and confessed to replicating his strike partner, with Messi adding: "It is more comfortable. You wake up in the morning, all sleepy, and you put it (the toilet seat) down."


The dynamic duo also talked about their interests outside football as Messi confessed he likes basketball.


He said: "There is a ring in the changing room of the Camp Nou stadium and we all try and get a ball in it."


He also said he fancied trying a new sport and explained: "Golf! I would like to learn to play golf".


The laughs started again when the host asked them to show their socks and Messi showed that he was wearing polka-dot before Suarez revealed his Donald Duck pair.


Messi also talked about his children and even explained that his older son, Thiago, "goes to the school of Barcelona because Benja (the son of Suarez) also goes, but he does not like it very much".