A man broadcast on Facebook Live the moment he caught a burglar red-handed in his home and went to town on him.


The would-be robber was caught in the home of Carlos Vital, who went on the social networking site to declare: "I have just found this son of the b*tch inside my house. I am going to kill you, a*sehole."


The unfortunate crook was discovered in his home in Playa del Carmen, in the south-eastern Mexican state of Quintana Roo.


The Facebook Live broadcast shows the exact moment that the homeowner - a barman in the city - and the thief came face to face.


The video goes on to show Carlos meting out a beating to the intruder who was seized while rifling through his belongings.


"I am going to beat you more, son of the b*tch", screams Carlos at one point during the punishment beating.


Carlos then tells the thief to remove his trousers and shoes as they belong to him. He was also shown the banknotes he had stolen from his wallet.


Throughout the time he is being thumped, the crook pleads with Carlos to stop. Finally, the police arrived at the house and the ordeal was over.


Carlos said: "Thanks a lot for all your support. I love the idea of giving those what they deserve and although violence is not the most sensible alternative, sometimes the important thing is to give a lesson to those who are asking for it.


"There are more good people than bad people and we are fed up of unfair things."


The Facebook Live video went viral on social networks and several citizens commented on the story.


'Daniel Aguirre' said: "The rats (meaning thieves) deserve this and more. The justice in Mexico is sh*t, prosecutors are sh*t, and judges are worse than sh*t. I am not going to say anything about cops."


And 'MorPin BlahuCe' said: "What if he gets reported for recording him without permission..."