A hair-raising video shows a lioness being rescued from a deep pit and hustled into a cage just before she can lash out at her rescuers.


The video was filmed in the village of Adsang in the district of Amreli, in western India’s Gujarat State.


It shows a green cage positioned at the top of a deep well.


A lioness is being hauled up on a metal frame. She has not been tranquilised and is fully awake.


The clip cuts to a while later, as the eight brave men rescuing the lioness face the trickiest part of the operation: how to get her up into the cage without giving her a chance to jump from the rising frame to the ground.


Two incredibly audacious rescuers positioned either side of the cage use long sticks to wrangle the squirming beast into the cage, and another quickly drops down the cage door, trapping the lioness.


She looks furious at the situation but the alternative was staying in the dry well, which was reportedly 50 feet deep.


A man named Amar Dangar was reported as the owner of the well into which the lioness had fallen, but it was not clear whether he faced sanctions for not covering the dangerous hole.


A spokesman for the local forestry department that helped the animal said: "It seems that lioness will survive and recover fast."