A farmer who fed a caged cat to his dogs in horrific viral footage is being hunted by police.


The horrific act was done by an unnamed man and was filmed in the United Arab Emirates.


Officers say they are now hunting the man to press charges against him after netizens were left sickened by the vile footage.


The gruesome stunt shows the man lowering the cat in a cage, who is alive, down to his two hungry pet dogs.


He is heard in the footage saying he is killing the cat in such a horrendous way because the cat had attacked pigeons and hens on his farm.


And ever since the footage was uploaded and shared on social media sites, animal lovers have lined up to condemn the incident.


Dr Manal Al Mansouri of UAE Animal Welfare Group told Gulf News: "This is a horrific crime of intentional, barbaric killing.


"The act showed in the video is completely unacceptable and is inhuman. We hold our environment in high esteem and have special love for animals in general and pets in particular.


"I also hope that new federal law to protect animals is applied in this incident."


The country's law states the mistreatment of animals can result in a one-year prison sentence and a 200,000-AED (44,600-GBP) fine.


Dr Al Mansouri continued: "The man should not blame the cat for the loss of his hens and pigeons because the cat is following its instinct, he is the one who should be blamed because he should protect his farm well. How the cat entered the farm if he keep dogs there."