CEN/Radio Patrulla TV
CEN/Radio Patrulla TV

This is the horrific moment four rescuers lost their lives in a helicopter that crashed and burst into flames after getting tangled in high tension power lines.


The shocking crash was caught on camera in the incident which took place on a hill in El Centinela, in the municipality of Mexicali in the north-western Mexican state of Baja California.


Four rescue workers took to the air in the black helicopter as they set out to retrieve the body of a mountain climber who had died after falling 300 metres (984 feet) from a cliff edge, who has been named as Violeta Ruiz Sanchez.


The machine is seen taking off into the air and circling the area when it hits an electrical wire which causes a part of the helicopter to come off.


It then hurtles towards the ground at speed and seconds later a fireball can be seen as the helicopter goes up in flames, with the incident claiming the lives of all of those onboard.


It is reported that the helicopter pilot and the co-pilot had found the location of the body and then come back to base to pick up two other recue officers to accompany them.


But the helicopter got tangled in the wires of the high tension electrical tower nearby, which caused them to crash.


The names of those onboard have not yet been released and investigations are ongoing.


The Governor of the state, Francisco Vega de Lamadrid, extended his sympathies to all those affected by the event.