A gang of thugs beat up a gay couple they saw kissing outside a bar.


The victims, named only as Andy and Jorge, were at a disco bar called La General, in the town of Berga, in the province of Barcelona in Spain’s eastern Catalonia region.


The pair stepped outside for a smoke at around 4am and shared a kiss as well.


Andy said: "A man approached us in order to tell us that we should go to another place because what we were doing (kissing) was bad behaviour.


"I told him that if he did not like it, then he could go to another place and he answered me that there are people that see this kind of behaviour as disgusting."


After a discussion with the man, Andy kissed Jorge again, at which point the man started to hit them, joined by between four and six friends.


Andy went on: "We tried to defend ourselves and then I cannot remember what happened until the ambulance and the police arrived."


Andy shared pictures on his social media account of the bruises he suffered in the brutal attack.


He added: "We want this to be visible in order to make people aware that these kinds of things happen, unfortunately. We are still scared."


Maria Miro, the owner of La General, said her bouncer had intervened to stop the beating.


She said: "The security guard acted at once when he spotted the beating. It is the first time anything like this has happened here. The aggressor will not be allowed to come here anymore."


Messages on Andy’s social media account were all supportive and the attack may result in a street march protesting against homophobic violence.


The extent of his and Jorge’s injuries was not reported in detail.


Police have arrested an unnamed 19-year-old Spanish man in connection with the incident.