This is the nearly fatal moment a movie stuntman hit his head on the ground after falling hundreds of feet from a crane because his bungee cord was too long.


The shocking gaffe was caught on camera by an eyewitness with a smartphone in the Russian capital city of Moscow.


It shows the fearless stuntman leap from the top of the crane, which towers over nearby skyscrapers, and plummet towards the earth.


As he nears the ground, the bungee-style cord slows his descent - but his head clearly hits the ground before he is yanked back into the air.


The stuntman, who was briefly knocked out by the blow, is later seen holding his head in obvious pain before he is lowered to the ground.


He can be seen giving the film crew the thumbs up to tell them that he has not been badly hurt by the potential disaster.


A man's voice can be heard in the background of the video saying: "That is f***ing unbelievable! He hit the ground! He is ok though!"


The footage, which is proving popular online after being uploaded to video-sharing websites, was reportedly filmed by a member of the film crew.


The movie makers had permission from the local authorities to film the stunt in Moscow but made a mistake in judging the length of bungee cord needed.


The one they used was slightly longer than it should have been - but the man was lucky as if it had been a fraction longer he would have been killed.


Netizen 'Ryabina' commented: "He could have easily broken his neck, he should count himself so lucky that he is still alive."


It was not reported whether the stuntman required medical attention or what movie he was working on.