Topless animal rights activists protesting against bullfighting poured fake blood over themselves.


Around 12 protestors stormed a square in the Spanish city of Valencia to speak out against the blood sport in which bulls are killed for the entertainment of baying crowds.


They stood in lines while topless and holding buckets filled with fake blood as they shouted that the bullfighting festivals regularly celebrated in the area are "not an excuse for mistreating" any creature.


They said they were acting as the bulls and covering themselves in the red liquid to support them.


Carmen Moll, the coordinator of the activist group named ‘Anima Naturalis’ in Valencia, said: "This protest represents all the blood that will be in the bullring on those days.


She said all locals enjoy the Fallas Festival - but not the part which celebrates the bullfighting.


She continued: "We are enjoying this festival of Fallas, but at the same time bullfighting is being done. The activists bathed with blood in order to represent the suffering of those bulls in those moments in the ring".


The group chanted: "Fallas is a beautiful party that brings a lot of tourists. They are a party that invites to have fun, not death.


"We have collected all the blood that those says is going to be in the bullring. We want to show the world how many suffering those walls have and therefore we put in the skin of the bull, the forgotten victims of this festival. Their pain is our pain, and their blood mark our hands, got dirty the Fallas."


Bullfighting organisers did not comment on the protest.