Sobbing children had to be rescued from a school bus after it got stuck in the middle of a fast flowing flooded river it was trying to cross.


Parents, villagers and police officers rushed to save the lives of the terrified youngsters who were left stranded when a nearby riverbank burst.


Onlookers say the driver attempted to cross the flooded river, believing the flow to not be as strong as it was, but quickly encountered problems and needed to be rescued in the incident which happened at 6.30am in the village of Huacapongo, in the province of Viru, in the north-western Peruvian department of La Libertad.


Adults can be seen carrying the children on their shoulders and hips through the floods and in the background some of the youngsters can be heard crying.


The kids can be seen trying to climb out the windows of the bus and into their rescuers arms, as the doors were forced shut from the floodwater.


A total of 15 youngsters were saved in the incident.


It is claimed the driver of the bus, belonging to the company Nuevo Horizonte, decided to cross despite the nearby River Viru bursting.


Cesar Diaz Vela, the supervisor of the Citizen Security department of Viru, said: "The school children are from different schools but travel together on the same bus."


Once the children were carried safely from the bus, locals helped moved the vehicle to the side to stop it being washed away.


There has been no comment from the bus company.