Rapper Goes Viral With Saucy Kissing Clip

A popular rapper has caused outrage from shocked parents after posting online a provocative clip which has gone viral of him and his girlfriend snogging in the bath apparently naked.


Italian rapper Fedez, 27, posted the video to his 3 million social media followers of him kissing his love Chiara Ferragani, 29, while they lounged in the bathtub.


Within hours the video had racked up over a million views and likes, with more than 5,000 fans commenting on the saucy footage.


Fans lined up to pay tribute to the naked pair.


One, named ‘Marina’, wrote: "You're both beautiful, I love the tattoos" while another, named ‘Loula’ added: "Sexy couple, sexy photo."


But not all the comments were complimentary, with many saying it was too inappropriate for social media.


‘Manuela’ wrote: "My daughter is 9 years old, and loves you! She was shocked when she saw the photo!" while another, ‘Dezka’, added: "Keep it private."


But most flocked to the defence of the couple, who are regularly seen on the social scene of Milan.


‘Ptrizia’ commented: "If you do not want to see these photos or video do not follow them. If you have kids like me do not let them download Instagram , not even turn TV, You moralist! They are gorgeous" while ‘Chiara’ added: "They are beautiful! Let them be."


The couple have been together for six months and have spoken of their plans to tie the knot and start a family.


Fedez is huge on the Italian music scene while Chiara is known as a businesswoman and fashion influencer on social media, who has been employed by major fashion labels including Guess.