Is This The Worlds Most Overcrowded School Bus

Police officers could not believe their eyes when they pulled over a school minibus designed for 17 children - and 48 youngsters got off.


The routine traffic check was caught on camera by an eyewitness with a smartphone in the city of Adana in southern Turkey's Adana Province.


Police officers were stopping all school buses as part of a crackdown and were checking that all of the drivers were licensed to drive buses and that all of the vehicles were equipped with features such as safety belts.


But they were shocked to find that one minibus was overcrowded with young children, many of whom were standing and were squashed in like sardines.


They ordered them all out and the video footage shows a stream of youngsters disembarking that seemed never ending.


When the last child had got off the minibus, police counted that there were 48 schoolchildren in a minibus designed to carry 17 passengers.


Police issued the woman driver with an on-the-spot fine of 3,000 TRY (656 GBP) for taking too many passengers and began proceedings which could see her lose her licence.


The woman, whose name has not been released, complained that she was being unfairly singled out - until a female police officer pointed out the long line of school buses that was also being checked.


The woman driver then said: "We have been fighting this for years but we failed. We said let everything be equal, let the number of children be smaller but they didn’t do it."


The police staged their checks outside schools so that the children could walk the rest of the way to their classes and their day was not disrupted.


Adana, Turkey's fifth biggest city, is situated on the Seyhan river 35 kilometres (22 miles) inland from the Mediterranean Sea.