A brave checkout girl beat off an armed robber with her bare hands - wrestling the gun from his grip.


The woman cashier fought back against the gunman, overpowering him and grabbing his weapon.


CCTV footage shows the moment the raider entered the store brandishing a firearm.


The shocking video shows the masked man, pointing the gun at the woman behind the till at the supermarket in the town of Talgar in south-eastern Kazakhstan's Almaty Region.


But she barely flinches and instead grabs the weapon by the barrel, pushing it up in the air.


The thief, 23, is unable to line-up a clear shot so instead starts wrestling with the shop worker.


He comes behind the till as the pair scrap, knocking chocolate bars and packets of cigarettes to the floor.


The woman repeatedly hits the thief until her colleagues come to the rescue - helping her neutralise him.


Together they are able to wrestle the weapon free from the man who was later arrested by police.


Footage of the brave shop worker has impressed neitzens after it was posted online.


One netizen, ‘KoksheMan’ said: "Bravo to the lady! She did an amazing job! So impressive."


Police are now investigating the attempted robbery in the town of Talgar in south-eastern Kazakhstan's Almaty Region.


The 20-caliber smooth-bore gun the thief was wielding during the raid had not been registered.


Officers are trying to find out whether the man was working on his own or if he had accomplice.


Netizens have been highly critical of the shopper who entered at the same time as the thief but did not do anything.


Netizen ‘Legendarinj Kventin’ said: "Look at another man who got into the shop at the same time with the attacker, he did not do a thing. Shame on him.


"And great moves, cashier lady. You should consider changing your job to local police."