A theatre director is becoming an online star with his own comedy take on the viral video of the US schoolteacher who has a personalised handshake for each of his students.


But Emrah Cilgi, the artistic director of a municipal theatre in the city of Erzurum in eastern Turkey's Erzurum Province, put a very different slant on his video.


North Carolina teacher Barry White warmed hearts around the world with the perfectly-executed intricate individual handshakes he shared with each of his students before his classes.


However, Mr Cilgi's handshakes with a group of drama students were not quite so well performed.


And almost each one of them ends with the seemingly frustrated teacher losing patience and clipping his students around the ears and booting them up the bum to hurry them into class.


The one exception is when he gets so cross with one student that he physically picks him up and carries him into the room.


And, while it may not have notched up as many hits as Mr White's global viral hit, it is becoming something of a phenomenon in Turkey after being shared on social media.


Mr Cilgi, the artistic director of the Erzurum Municipal City Theatre, said: "Although I became popular as a teacher on social media actually I am a theatre artist.


"Together with our course attendees, we watched the video of the teacher from the US and we said let’s do the same.


"It came to our mind all of a sudden. Then we shared the video on social media. We became quite popular. The video drew great attention."