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Jackal Loses Fight With Gang Of Vultures

A jackal bit off more than it could chew when it tried to steal a meal from a gang of vultures.


Both the jackal and the vultures had discovered the corpse of a young deer in Kruger National Park in  the provinces of Limpopo and Mpumalanga in North-eastern South Africa.


Outnumbered by more than a dozen to one, the jackal tries to scare off the vultures to claim the prize as its own in video footage captured by Dutch park visitor Joelene Schoenmakers.


But the huge scavengers, some with a wingspan of nearly 10 feet, fight it off.


As the jackal repeatedly charges the huge birds off the carcass, they scatter before immediately settling back into the meat.


The jackal manages to keep them at bay while he wolfs down a few bites but the sheer weight of vulture numbers is too much for him and he is driven away again seconds later.


Although vultures are unlikely to kill live prey, their size and razor-sharp talons and beaks make them formidable opponents.


Local vulture expert Andre Botha said: "It dashes in and chases them off, after which it hurriedly tries to feed and get as much of the carcass ingested before the birds close in and push him off the carcass."


He adds: "At one stage, you can see that it is looking around for support possibly from other jackals, which does not materialise, and the sheer number of vultures present at the carcass eventually is too much for him and he moves away, leaving them to squabble among each other for the spoils.


"The amount of energy required for a single jackal to keep so many birds off a carcass eventually outweighs the benefit of the little feeding that it is able to and it relents."


The video went viral, being popular with wildlife experts and other animal lovers.