The depths of a spooky Russian lake are caught in this artistic video through the clear ice covering its vast surface.


Lake Baikal in the wastes of Siberia is a huge body of water that - like Loch Ness in Scotland - is rumoured to have a beast living in its gloomy depths.


Evgeny Domanov from Irkutsk went on a lonely walkabout on the ice-covered lake in January and posted the video on his Facebook page. The artist’s work can also be found at


The ice is transparent and the movie affords breathtaking views of the lake’s depths.


Lake Baikal is usually completely covered with ice after the first ten days in January and thaws around May.


It is nearly 5,000 feet deep in places and holds around 20 percent of the world’s unfrozen freshwater supplies.


It was formed 30 million years ago and there have long been rumours of an aquatic beast lurking in its depths.


There have been numerous eyewitnesses over the years claiming to have spotted it.


Some even say the lake contains visitors from another world.


According to Vladimir Azhazha, a famed ufologist and former Soviet Naval officer, declassified files released by the Russian government indicate that in 1982 seven military divers were training in the depths of Baikal when they spied bizarrely shaped underwater vehicles that moved far faster than any technology the Soviet Navy had.


They also claimed that they came across a squad of silver-suited though clearly non-human beings at a depth of about 150 feet.


The divers tried to capture some of these unusual humanoids but three of them were killed in the attempt.


The four survivors who recounted their harrowing experience were also said to have been severely injured by the "visitors".


But the recent video only shows Lake Baikal’s natural beauty rather than mysterious beasts or alien visitors.

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Author: David Rogers