A bizarre case of mass possession of young students by evil spirits is being probed in Colombia following an ouija board session that went wrong.


Relatives of the students asked for the help of a priest after the incident in Lloro.


Around 20 students at the Agricultural School had to be transferred to a health centre and later to the church after they played with a mobile application similar to a ouija board to call up the spirits of the dead.


Francis Salamanca Martinez, the mayor of the town, said: "They are fainting, shouting that the devil was going to take them with him."


The students first went to the health centre where doctors were "not able to find a scientific reason for their behaviour," the mayor said.


Videos posted on social networks show the students wearing the high school uniform being carried by classmates to the health centre and then inside the church.


They are almost unconscious, shouting and screaming, struggling to get free.


A lot of people are seen outside the health centre watching the scene and even recording it with their mobile phones.


The person recording one of the videos is heard to say that the situation is "chaotic."


Desperate parents decided to move the students to the church.


Juan Carlos Barreto, bishop of Quibdo, said: "It is known in a lot of Colombia and other parts of the world that these kind of games such as the ouija board have consequences for normal life.


According to local media, the Catholic church is analysing the case.