This shocking footage shows a doctor rubbing his penis on a sleeping female patient’s face.



The clip was secretly filmed on a smartphone in a corridor of the Peruvian America Clinic in Trujillo, in the north-western department of La Libertad in Peru.


It shows a doctor in scrubs holding his genitals, bending down very carefully and deliberately brushing his private parts against the face of a woman who is sleeping on a bench.


He then adjusts his crotch, stands up and saunters off as if nothing unusual has happened, apparently believing himself to have been unobserved.


The doctor was later named as Javier Mauricio Cuba. He is a surgeon who started work in the hospital’s emergency department eight months ago.


He was on duty on the night the video was shot with six nurses and two caretakers, none of whom reported having seen anything out of the ordinary.


The hospital’s boss apologised and shockingly said that no legal action would be taken against the pervy doctor.


Gerardo Salazar, director of the Peruvian American Clinic, said: "We, as an institution, also extend our apologies and promise that it will not happen again."


The identity of the person who shot the video was not revealed.