Title Author Created Operations
1 Man Admits Killing Ex-Wife And Burying Her In Snow Aleksandr David 2017/01/18 Details
2 Petting Zoo Accused Of Drugging Lion For Selfies Aleksandr David 2017/01/18 Details
3 Toddler Renamed Putin After Russian President Aleksandr David 2017/01/18 Details
4 Actresses 26K-GBP Jewellery Stolen From Awards Ceremony Ana LaCasa Martinez 2017/02/08 Details
5 Card From Forgetful Diner Goes Viral Ana LaCasa Martinez 2017/03/26 Details
6 Dad Butchers Kids After Judge Gives Him Visitation Ana LaCasa Martinez 2017/02/27 Details
7 Dawn Raid Nets Moroccan Accused Of Funding ISIS Ana LaCasa Martinez 2017/03/22 Details
8 Gibraltar Releases 360m-GBP Superyacht After Debt Agreement Ana LaCasa Martinez 2017/02/27 Details
9 Girl, 13, Forced To Become A Prostitute By Her Own Mother Ana LaCasa Martinez 2017/02/11 Details
10 Hipster Fashion Brand Nicks Spanish Party Logo Ana LaCasa Martinez 2017/03/23 Details
11 Long-Lost Dali Painting Of Sister Up For Auction In London Ana LaCasa Martinez 2017/02/02 Details
12 Migrant Boys Corpse On Spanish Beach Sparks Outrage Ana LaCasa Martinez 2017/02/01 Details
13 New Nude Restaurant With Saucy Aphrodisiac Menu Ana LaCasa Martinez 2017/01/25 Details
14 OAP Dies In Horrific Attack By Five Pit Bull Dogs Ana LaCasa Martinez 2017/02/23 Details
15 Obit-Obsessed Gran Writes Own Funny Death Headline Ana LaCasa Martinez 2017/02/09 Details
16 Police Find Migrant Hidden In Dashboard Of Car Ana LaCasa Martinez 2017/03/15 Details
17 School Bus Driver Has Heart Attack At The Wheel Ana LaCasa Martinez 2017/02/19 Details
18 Wolf Found Hanged From Traffic Lights Ana LaCasa Martinez 2017/03/06 Details
19 Woman Lives For Months With Murdered Boyfriend Ana LaCasa Martinez 2017/02/08 Details
20 7yo Boy Impales Back Of Throat With Chopstick David Rogers 2017/01/22 Details
21 7yo Boy Impales Back Of Throat With Chopstick David Rogers 2017/01/22 Details
22 22 Stone Woman Becomes Model And Shuts Haters Up David Rogers 2017/01/25 Details
23 Actor Sues Rival For Failing To Recognise Him As God David Rogers 2017/02/21 Details
24 Actress Hits Gym At Nine Months Pregnant And Does Splits David Rogers 2017/01/31 Details
25 Actress Shaves Head For 8 Million Instagram Fans David Lee 2017/01/26 Details