Fri, 04/28/2017 - 08:02
1 month 1 day

A controversial teenage model previously accused of being too thin has raised eyebrows after an apparent sudden weight gain.


Thu, 04/27/2017 - 13:03
1 month 2 days

A woman has been hailed for her public spirit after she pulled out her sewing kit during a bus ride and repaired a ripped seat.


Thu, 04/27/2017 - 10:08
1 month 2 days

A man claims he spent three years in prison for a crime he never committed in place of the twin brother he never knew he had.


Wed, 04/26/2017 - 12:37
1 month 3 days

Officials have been slammed after workmen used Jewish gravestones to repair potholes in a city where the Nazis executed thousands of Jews during World War II.


Wed, 04/26/2017 - 08:53
1 month 3 days

A champion swimmer has been criticised after swapping her gold medals for power plug adaptors so her teammates could recharge their mobile phones.


Wed, 04/26/2017 - 08:42
1 month 3 days

The winner of the Miss Russia 2017 beauty pageant insists that she gets upset if people do not criticise her.