A woman who gave birth to twins aged 58 has told of her joy at becoming a mum.


Surgeons delivered a boy and a girl in a Caesarean section operation in Culiacan, in the western Mexican state of Sinaloa.


Local media report that both premature children are doing well after three weeks in a neonatal intensive care unit at IMSS Regional General Hospital No. 1.


The mother - who asked not to be named - told local media: "During the C-section, I was very calm, I trusted in God that he would perform this miracle for us, and that everything would turn out well."


She added: "And when I finally heard the children cry out hard, well, it filled me with joy.


"Then the paediatrician immediately took them out of the operating room to look after them."


The mother reportedly became pregnant after a round of IVF treatment.


Medics say she and the twins will undergo months of monitoring and tests to make sure the babies are maturing properly.


Although older mums of twins are becoming more common, their stories can be tinged with tragedy.


The world's oldest verified mother of twins Maria del Carmen Bousada de Lara died of cancer two years after giving birth, just seven days short of her 67th birthday.


And earlier this month Spanish-born Mauricia Ibanez, 64, had to hand over her two-month-old twins to social services after they ruled they were "at risk."

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