A controversial teenage model previously accused of being too thin has raised eyebrows after an apparent sudden weight gain.


It comes after Russian stunner Alesya Kafelnikova, 18, who has been compared to supermodels Kate Moss and Gigi Hadid, shared new photos on social media.


The images, from a photoshoot for British online fashion retailer ASOS, show Kafelnikova - whose weight once reportedly dropped to 43 kilograms (six stone 11 pounds) - looking much healthier.


The beautiful blonde, who has been accused of being anorexic in the past and has claimed that she "loves being skinny", looks refreshingly normal.


But, true to form, the internet trolls were still unhappy with her appearance.


Netizen ‘Inkognito Neskazhu’ said: "Good body, but only after hitting a gym… hard."


And an anonymous user of a local Internet forum added: "Her anorexia was terrible, but this photo is far from being any good. She looks like a zucchini."


And some viewers pointed out that she still looks stick thin in other recent pictures and suggested the change was a trick of the light or down to photo-editing software.


Kafelnikova, the daughter of former world tennis number one Yevgeny Kafelnikov, earns a reported 200,000 RUB (2,460 GBP) a day as a model.


But she has become notorious in her native Russia after a string of controversies.


They included saying that she "hates Russia", hinting at drug abuse issues and describing air passengers who could not afford a private jet as "little people".

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