Doctors are refusing to continue treating the world's heaviest woman as a row with her furious family rumbles on.


Eman Ahmed Abdulati - who tipped the scales at an incredible half a tonne (79 stone) has been discharged from hospital with medics refusing to carry out any further treatment on her following a falling out between Eman's sister Shaimaa Selim and her treating surgeon Dr Muffazal Lakdawala.


Shaimaa Selim says her sister has deteriorated since the operation at the Saifee Hospital in the city of Mumbai in western India's Maharashtra state after the pair flew from their home in the Egyptian city of Alexandria to India after surgeon Dr Muffazal Lakdawala offered to help Ms Abdulati lose weight.


He performed bariatric surgery, which involves fitting a gastric band to reduce the size of her stomach and claimed the operation had helped her lose about 250 kilogrammes (39 stone 7 pounds).


But Ms Selim says the hospital does not even have equipment capable of weighing her and she estimates that her sister has lost no more than 60 kilogrammes (9 stone 6 pounds).


Now, furious with the row medics have refused to do any more for the obese woman - saying it is now down to the obese woman to continue her weight loss alone.


Furious sister Shaimaa says that she does not believe her sister is fit to go back home yet and says she has now been forced to get into contact with doctors from Abu Dhabi in the hope they will help.


Shaimaa said: "I fear I might have to leave Mumbai anytime now. So on standby, I called the experts, as I cannot give up on my sister. I never thought I would have to do it, but I took this decision after the hospital authorities said a day ago that they wouldn't tell me when they'd send us back. If required, I would take Eman to Abu Dhabi for further treatment. I will not stop until she recovers completely."


Four doctors and three management officials from the Abu Dhabi-based hospital VPS Healthcare are said to be keen to help.


A hospital spokesman said: "We know about the ongoing crisis regarding Eman's treatment and wouldn't make any official comment on it. But when Shaimaa called us for help, we couldn't resist and came just to check the papers."


It is reported that there are ongoing talks behind hospital doors between bosses about whether they can get Eman to the centre.


The deciding team of medics include Dr Ramen Goel, a senior bariatric surgeon and director of the Centre of Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery from the Wockhardt Hospitals and Dr B. Sinhal, a senior neuro-physician from Bombay Hospital.


Speaking of the feud, Eman's current doctors say they have done all they can so far to provide the obese woman with the very best treatment.


Dr Lakdawala said: "Everything was fine until 15 days ago, when I told her [Shaimaa] that Eman is fit to fly back to Egypt. Then she got angry and told me that if we don't keep her in the hospital, she will tarnish its image. I will not say anything if she wants to take Eman to another country, but we know how much we have done for her."


Doctors say they have done the hardest part of the treatment - keeping her alive during the gastric band fitting, adding that now hard work needs to be done on Eman's part to continue shedding the weight.


Dr Aparna Govil Bhasker, section chief of bariatric surgery at Saifee Hospital added:  "If they want to take Eman to their hospital, we will let her go, but the hardest part [of the treatment] which was the operation has been performed in our hospital only. Now, they would be carrying the fit Eman for treatment."


Shaimaa hit back: "I was forced to call other doctors because I was told they (Saifee Hospital) will send us back to Egypt in a few days."


The row has been going on for around a month now, with the doctors who operated saying Eman is fit to go home and continue the work in losing weight now the band is fitted.


But Eman's family say they want her to stay in hospital as they believes she will do better there.


Shaimaa continued: "We need four people to move her, if we are sent back, how will we handle her alone? What is the point of a two-month long hospitalisation if she cannot even move around?"


Chief Operating Officer of Saifee Hospital, Huzaifa Shehabi, permitted the team of doctors from VPS Healthcare to scrutinise medical reports of Eman, as they wait to hear if she will be moved to Abu Dhabi.


He said: "We give full freedom to our patients to take second opinion from outside doctors. If she wants a transfer out, we have no problem. We have given our best in her treatment."


Eman weighed 79 stone when she was air-lifted in a special cargo carrier from Egypt to India in an eight-hour flight.


Doctors at Saifee Hospital claim her condition has improved by 75 per cent with renal functions close to normal and her obesity under better control following the surgery.


They have recommended a high protein diet and for her to keep trying to up her mobility.


"It can only be controlled by rehabilitation and medication," neurologist Dr Arun Shah said.


The row rumbles on.

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