A woman has been hailed for her public spirit after she pulled out her sewing kit during a bus ride and repaired a ripped seat.


The act of charity was caught on camera by another passenger with a smartphone on a minibus in the town of Kizilyurt in south-western Russia's Republic of Dagestan.


The female passenger noticed that the headrest of the seat in front of her had been ripped and decided to do something about it.


She pulled a needle and thread from her handbag and set about repairing the loose fabric cover.


First she pinned it into position and then sewed together the ripped seam to make it as good as new again.


Photographs of the woman's good dead proved popular with viewers after they were shared on social media.


Netizens paid tribute to the woman, whose name is not known, for putting her commuting time to good use.


‘Galya’ said: "Such a nice woman. She has a good heart, I wish more people would do good deeds like that."


‘Luciana Povoroti’ commented: "If only people decided to be kinder to others’ problems this world would become a better and happier place."


‘LuckyCase Dev.’ added: "People are so used to reading negative news that situations like this seem to be unusual to them. This is so sad. I hope things can change."


And ‘Danila Kovolev’ said simply: "I need this lady in my life!"

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