A woman aged 116 was told she was too old to carry on receiving her pension.


Maria Felix Nava, who lives in the city of Tlaquepaque, in the western Mexican state of Jalisco, received 3,600 MXN (148 GBP) from the Secretary of Development and Social Integration (Sedis) every two months.


She used the money to pay for vitamins and medicine that she needs.


Her daughter Marina Gutierrez explained that she went to the authorities to renew the card that credits her as an adult to be supported by the state.


A local government office told her to renew the card at a bank, but in the bank she was told that she was not allowed the card because she was too old, as the age limit was 110.


Her daughter said that they called Sedis several times but did not receive any answer to their request for help.


Dona Maria, as she is called by local media, started to sell sweets in the street in order to make some money but it was not enough.


After her tragic story was published in local media and caused outrage among netizens, the bank informed her relatives that they would issue Dona Maria the card after all.


A bank spokesman said: "The case of Maria Felix Nava is exceptional, because her age exceeds the limits of the bank system.


"However, we have informed relatives that we will give her the card as soon as possible and will fix the system in order to avoid anything similar in future."


Sedis director Miguel Castro said that the lady had not been barred from the assistance program and that her problem was caused by an administration error.


He visited her in order to apologise in person and to give her the 3,600 MXN (148 GBP) cheque she was owed.

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