A security guard has been accused of stabbing a woman to death when he was supposed to be keeping her safe after she fought off his attempts to rape her.


The watchman, named by police as 21-year-old Raja Shebu, had been hired to guard a block of flats, but allegedly took a fancy to one of the female residents and attempted to force himself on her.


The victim - an unnamed 50-year-old woman - had denied his attempts so it is claimed he tried to rape her and when that was unsuccessful, attempted to stab her to death.


The horrific incident happened in the suburb of Andheri, in the city of Mumbai, Maharashtra State, Western India.


The victim is believed to be in hospital recovering from the ordeal, but is said to be in a "stable" condition.


Shebu is accused of going up to the woman's flat with a cable operator who was doing work at the home she shares with her paralysed mother.


He hung around once the work had been done and tried to start a conversation, eventually asking the woman for her phone number.


When she refused he grew angry and grabbed her, trying to pull off her clothes and force himself on her. She screamed to try and raise the alarm and panicked, the guard is then believed to have grabbed a nearby kitchen knife and stabbed her twice in the stomach.


The paralysed mum then began to scream and alerted neighbours who came rushing to the scene, and apprehended Shebu.


Police were called and arrested him. He remains in police custody as investigations continue.


A senior officer said: "The police took Shebu in custody and arrested him for attempted murder and rape. The accused was produced before a court and remanded in police custody until April 26. He had started work at the building only three days ago. He was sent to the building through a security guards agency."

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