A model dubbed the Russian Kim Kardashian has been showing off her curves by sharing saucy photos showing her in a see-through minidress.


Anastasia Kvitko, 22, who lives in the city of Los Angeles in the US state of California, posted the images on social media where she has an incredible 5.9 million followers.


Her generously proprtioned breasts were clearly visible in the transparent white dress with which she appeared not to be wearing any underwear.


Kvitko completed her look with a caramel-coloured long cardigan and beige Valentino flip-flops, and posted pictures of herself in the outfit enjoying a walk and sitting at an outside table.


And the stunning brunette, originally from the city of Kaliningrad, in Russia’s Kalinigrad Oblast region, certainly made an impact with her 5.9 million followers.


Netizen ‘dr_rage0’ asked: "Are you wearing panties or not? Girls like you are a fetish of mine."


However, some fans noted that the glamour model's famous curves appeared to be even bigger in the new photos.


‘Greenline_maria’ said: "This looks terrible. Your butt is so large... You look disproportional", and another user added: "Your legs... so fat. Oh my!"


The Russian beauty has previously been accused of deliberately modelling herself on superstar Kim Kardashian, who is married to rapper Kanye West.


But Kvitko hit back, claiming that she is "much better looking" than the US star, and saying her own body is completely natural and purely down to "hard work at the gym".


The beauty says she "ignores the haters" and says that she only decided to make her curves her trademark after being rejected by several modelling agencies for 'being too fat'.

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