A busty pop singer is suing a porn website for using her photograph to promote a phone sex line.


Russian stunner Anna Semenovich, 37, was furious when her attention was drawn to the way her image was being used.


Her photograph was used to promote a sex line which customers were invited to ring to hear her talk dirty.


The blonde stunner, who launched a pop career after having to retire through injury from her earlier career as an ice skater, was straight on the phone to her lawyer Sergei Zhorin.


Mr Zhorin said: "We have been thinking that Anna might have to get naked in the court in order to prove that those were really her photos.


"I hope she would not have to do this, but if she will, everyone would be happy."


Semenovich believes that around 50,000 people paid money believing that they were actually have phone sex with the pop star.


The adult website used images of Semenovich from a photoshoot she did for a men's magazine some years ago.


She plans to sue the website's owners for moral damage which she estimates at 50 million RUB (693,000 GBP) after calculating the number of page views her picture attracted.


Semenovich competed in the European and World Championships during her time as a competitive ice dancer.


After retiring through injury, she turned to music, singing with popular Russian girl group Blestyashchie before leaving to go solo.


She has also worked as a model and an actress, taking a lead role in the 2008 Russian spy comedy Hitler Kaput!

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Author: David Rogers

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