A police officer has been charged with raping at least 150 children during an 11-year reign of terror.


Carlos Eduardo Tumes Lopez, known by media as the Huanuco Monster, was arrested for an attack on one girl but after more investigation prosecutors charged him with abusing at least 150 children aged ten to 14 in a crime spree spanning more than a decade.


During the period in question the officer worked in the Office of Citizen Participation in the police station of the city of Huanuco, in the central Peruvian department of the same name.


As part of his employment, he sometimes worked with children.


Roberto Gerardo Lecaro Alvarado, prosecution coordinator for Huanuco, and prosecutor Grace Perez Terrazas said police had found some incriminating videos on his computer.


The videos included images of children being sexually abused.


Local media reported that other police officers were involved but have so far avoided being reported by threatening their victims and their families.


Prosecutors urged parents to report any cases of their children being raped.


Tumes Lopez has been incarcerated in a prison in Potracancha for nine months as a preventative measure, while he is being investigated for rape and harassment as well for offences involving images of the sexual abuse of children.


Interior Minister Carlos Basombrio Iglesias described the behaviour of the officer as "horrible".


He added: "He should be in prison. Everyone who commits crimes of sexual abuse should be strongly sanctioned, as was done in this case."


He also said that the man deserves a life sentence.


The investigation is ongoing.

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