An elderly pensioner has been hailed by police after driving for 74 years without getting a single ticket.


The impressive feat was achieved by Gabdrauf Gareyev, 91, from the city of Ufa in south-central Russia's Republic of Bashkortostan.


The WWII veteran revealed how the first vehicle he learned how to drive was a tank when he joined the army to defend the Soviet Union from Nazi invasion.


Since then he has driven cars and trucks but never violated any road rule or regulation.


He said that since learning to drive in the huge tank, he has "never struggled" with cars and finds them so easy to manoeuvre that he can now steer them using just his little finger.


Mr Gareyev was in the army throughout the war, but during the liberation of Poland was hit by a blast that fractured his spine, putting the end to his fighting days.


The pensioner says he has kept himself in good physical shape, undergoing regular medical checks, to make sure he was in tip-top condition to stay behind the wheel all these years, and even creating a gym in his home complete with an exercise bike.


Mr Gareyev was awarded with a certificate commemorating his perfect driving record this week by the head of regional road police Dinar Gulmutdinov, who hailed his impressive achievement.


He said: "We first checked the record of the past 20 years that we have in computer data. Then we took out the archives and haven’t found anything."


Mr Gulmutdinov said that Mr Gareyev was a "unique man", who drives so well despite his age that he could even "work as a driving instructor".

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