Barcelona star Neymar is keeping himself fighting fit for the La Liga title race through ancient 'cupping' therapy.


The Brazilian is currently out suspended, meaning he missed Barca’s victory over Real Madrid on Sunday night which took them top of the table.


The two sides are neck and neck going into the last few games of the season and ahead of his return Neymar has been keeping himself in tip-top shape through ‘cupping’.


The ancient therapy involves suction cups being placed all over the individual’s back, creating a vacuum on the skin.


The treatment is said to have a number of benefits, including the reduction of inflammation and improved blood flow.


Neymar had 14 suction cups on his back for his bout of therapy and he is the latest in a string of athletes to try out the ancient treatment.


Boxing star Anthony Joshua has also used ‘cupping’ ahead of his world title fights, while former Olympic champion Michael Phelps is an advocate of it too.


Neymar is expected to return to the Barcelona team this weekend following the completion of his suspension when they take on Espanyol.

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Author: José Ramón Sánchez-Fortún

JR Sanchez-Fortun has been a freelance reporter covering Spain and South America for five years. He works for both Spanish and English language media, and his focus is on sport and in particular football.
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