A man claims he spent three years in prison for a crime he never committed in place of the twin brother he never knew he had.


Andrey Chistyakov, 40, says his life was turned upside down when he was just 18 when he was wrongly arrested and jailed.


He was about to leave his home in the town of Sokol in western Russia's Vologda Oblast region to join the army when police knocked on his door.


They handcuffed him and charged him with committing a crime in the city of Izhevsk in central Russia's Udmurt Republic region where he had never even been.


Mr Chistyakov, who grew up in an orphanage, said: "They should have arrested another man, who I looked similar to. I got convinced about it, when I saw his picture."


His suspicions were further raised inside prison when he met a fellow convict who appeared to recognise him.


Mr Chistyakov said: "I told him that he had confused me with someone else. But the inmate was assuring me that he knew me."


After his release from prison, Mr Chistyakov managed to get in touch with his biological family which was when he says his suspicions were confirmed.


He tracked down a sister who told him that he had been lost when the family was travelling and confirmed that he did indeed have a twin brother.


Mr Chistiakov, who once dreamed of becoming a teacher and starting a family, says his life has been ruined by the twin he has never met.


He says he cannot even rent a home of his own now because of his past record and is appealing for help from the regional prosecutor's office to clear his name.


The nature of the crime, the name of the twin, or how he tracked down his biological family is currently unclear.

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