A skinny model who fell ill after being pressured to diet has revealed how an inspirational granny she met in hospital made her re-evaluate her life.


Serbian stunner Ines Klara fainted after starving herself to look glamorously thin and said that an elderly woman who came to her rescue reminded her to remember "what is really important".


The pretty model shared on social media a snap of herself lying on a hospital bed as the elderly woman lies next to her. The pair can be seen holding hands in the heart-warming picture.


Ines was hospitalised after falling badly ill at Serbia Fashion Week and was placed in the bed next to the unnamed grandma, who was in hospital for a very different reason.


She had collapsed after working all day in a field, leaving her sick and with swollen fingers.


The pair supported each other through the worrying time and after their period together, Ines says she came away inspired.


Ines wrote: "I like to remember this day.


"(The elderly lady) was shivering with fear, even though she was trying to convince everybody that she was not afraid. Even though we are seemingly different, we are the same.


"I grabbed her hand and I was trying to transfer part of my strength, and it wasn't until later that I realised that it was her that calmed me down.


"No matter the years, the experience, success, money, we are all the same. Instead of constantly competing, women should be supportive to one another.


"I am happy when I see a happy woman, no matter if her happiness comes from a bunch of children and husband or a ton of shoes or going out or tattoos and motorcycles.


"I am not envious, I can learn something from her. I am not judging, everybody has the right to chose. I don't know when women became enemies to one another."


She said women should all be celebrating each other's achievements, whether they are raising children, starting a business or doing something completely different rather than finding fault with each other.


She continued: "We would be much stronger if we were friends to one another, because we are more similar than it looks like. We are all women. Let’s not trip each other up, but reach out to each other."

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