The young female singer of a rock band died when she fell off a cliff while trying to take a photograph of the spectacular view.


The 20-year-old, named only as Tanita P., the singer of heavy metal band Helvetica, fell 60 metres (197 feet) to her death on Germany's largest island of Rugen.


She was enjoying a walk there with her husband, Tobias P., 22, in the island's famously beautiful Jasmund National Park when the tragic accident happened.


The couple were walking along the top of the island's chalk cliffs when Tanita fell after leaving the footpath to try to take a photograph with her camera.


A helicopter was sent to try to rescue her but she had died from the injuries she sustained in the fall.


Her sister Alissa later said that Tanita had been a nature lover and that it appeared she had overbalanced while trying to take a photo of the stunning view.


A devastated Tobias told reporters that he did not see the moment that his wife fell.


He said: "We were on the path on the high bank. My wife climbed on the cliff edge and fell. I have nothing left, I only want to be left to grieve now."


The couple, who married in August 2015, were reportedly childhood sweethearts.


Senior public prosecutor Martin Cloppenburg said the chalk cliffs were known to be dangerous and were the scene of frequent rock falls.


He said: "We believe the woman simply tumbled down."


Rugen, Germany's largest island, lies off the Pomeranian coast in the Baltic Sea.


The Jasmund National Park, which is famous for its chalk cliffs including the King's Chair local landmark, was made a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2011.

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